Awards / Reviews

Okay, time to brag a little. :)

Queensland writer, Helma Pietsch, was featured in the Queenslands Writer Catalogue Book from our Backyards, 2012. The book cover I designed, Unforgiving, is featured. Congratulations, Helma!


Congrats to Dave P. Fisher of Western Trail Blazer! His book, The Auction Horse, won the prestigious Will Rogers Medallion Award 2013 in the Western Humor category. Way to go, Dave!

The Auction Horse 
   Dave P. Fisher

Cover Design:
Miss Mae


Thanks to everyone who voted in this year's (2012) P&E Readers Poll contest. I'm humbled and thrilled that a book cover that I designed won 2nd place in Best Cover Artwork. (there was no Top Ten award winner from P&E this year, so I designed my own.)