Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July and the ISWG Blog Hop

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This is the first Wednesday in July, 2013. Time once again for the Insecure Writer's Support Group blog hop!

My post today is: I'm insecure about feeling insecure about my writing.

Make no sense? Hear me out.

Writing is a BIG competitive business. Before becoming published, I hadn't considered exactly what sort of large pond it is and how many big fish swim in it. Sure, I knew there were books everywhere (after all, I grew up with a love of reading), but it didn't dawn on me how daunting becoming "an author" could be.

At that time, I wrote simply because I had stories in my head that I wanted to share. There was a thrill of reading my words, my plots, on that sheet of paper. (I'm talking back when I wrote in long hand with ink pen and then graduated to a typewriter. No computer, folks) My dream was "to become published". I still remember the excitement upon receiving the offer of my first contract.

Fast forward several years. I've gone through three traditional publishers, and am now an independent author. And it's like - reality hits. Hello. There are NUMEROUS other authors/writers out there and we're all in the same boat paddling in this ever-widening pond.

And competition? Oh, man. We're all struggling to conceive new and better bait to hook those readers to buy OUR books. However, let me state right here, that 99.999% of the authors I've met, personally and online, are terrific people. We don't steal from each other. If we learn of exciting and terrific ways to market, we gladly share. We enjoy triumphs together.

But it's this constant marketing/promoting/salesman-like approach to draw attention to our craft that grows wearying. If we let up for one minute about getting our name "out there" to the reading public - well, our name then is no longer out there to the reading public.

I've not been good at selling myself. I hate the old "shove your foot in the door" tactic, and I cringe at the idea of having to announce my "greatness" by declaring, "I won the Soap Box Author of the Year Award." Ugh. I'd rather hide in the corner and read a good book. 

So, I just wonder - When you feel insecure about the insecurity of this author business, what do you do?