Sunday, December 30, 2012

Come Over to the Hop!

Without actually revealing my age...ahem...I'd love to share a new venture with my readers.

Recently, when corresponding with an online friend, she and I reminisced about how our childhood days were an age of innocence. Maybe ours was the last generation to not have to worry about an armed shooter storming our school, being sued for sticking our tongue out at a class mate, or ever seeing our picture included in an Amber Alert.

We had happy days. Days filled with listening to songs about young love, strolling barefoot down dusty dirt roads, and sharing party line telephones. Sure, we had hard times, but looking back now, those hard times were nothing more than moments of wondering if we'd passed our spelling test, or had enough pennies to make a nickel and buy that fudgesickle for dessert.

Heart filled with nostalgia, I told her, "You know. We should have a blog for folks like us. Folks who remember. Folks who lived those days. Folks who don't want to forget."

So, Bee-Bop & Bobby Sox was conceived.

If you too are a product of those days of the 50's and 60's, why don't you join us? Leave a private message for me at FaceBook, and I'll add your name as a regular contributor.

But come share with us. Make sure this generation doesn't forget our generation.

Come on over to the Hop. :)

Go here.

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