Monday, July 2, 2012

Doggy Tales? Anyone?

I've heard from so many readers how they enjoy 'Doggy Tales'. It makes me smile to know there are so many like-hearted people who simply can't live without some kind of animals in our lives.

I'm blessed that so many have responded and sent their stories of their furred/finned/feathered friends. These little creatures make them simply glad to open their eyes in the mornings! :)

But, helloooo! I need more stories, please! Have you recently given Fido a bath, and he sprayed you with bubbles? Please tell us! How about the shave that went wrong at the groomers, and Sebastian came home looking like a crazed squirrel? We'd love for you to share the story!!

Remember, just contact me here and I'll give details of where to send the info. Thank you so much, and thanks for being a reader! :)



Patricia said...

I don't know if this would qualify but I have a sad tale that has an HEA about my chocolate lab, Jack.
Patti said...

That picture is so cute :) Hmmm, doggy tales? I find it hard just to come up with tales for my own blog every week! lol