Monday, June 18, 2012

Doggy Tales -- Update on PAC

Update on PAC

Carol Huff was so touched by Cheryl Pierson's sharing of PAC's story that she was good enough to send this update. Thanks to all who opened their heart to this special guy! Read below:

Miss Mae...thank you so very much for your contribution and for sharing my love for this beautiful dog. He never deserved death row because he's such a love-bug...he has a tail wag for everyone and is as gentle as a lamb. Just a precious baby! I am attaching some pictures so you can at least see him outside that dreaded cage they had him stuffed in at the kill shelter.

He's my first pittie, and I am in love with this breed already. He's a gentle giant with a heart of gold. We have some vet bills coming up with him because he came to me with a touch of mange and a kennel cough. But he's worth every bit of it.

Enjoy the pictures (and don't worry about that choke chain you see in the pictures - it only stayed on him for a very short time because he's an extremely strong dog and was about to pull me down!) And thank goodness for Cheryl Pierson - she's responsible for me knowing about this baby.

Take care, and thanks again,
Carol Huff


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Augie and Ti's Mom said...

So glad this story had a happy ending! PAC must think he won the lottery!

Patricia said...

Thanks so much for that cute little video of PAC. Pitties are such beautiful dogs and I'm glad he was able to find a happy home.