Monday, June 4, 2012

A Dog Named PAC

Thanks to Cheryl Pierson who contributed this story.

Can I tell you a very very happy story? There was a dog named "PAC" who was surrendered to a dog pound in Georgia. They said as his owners dumped him there and walked away, he cried for them to come back so forlornly it was like a child crying for their parent. The owners left anyhow. Because PAC is a pit bull mix, there was not much hope for him to be adopted. He's not a cute puppy any longer. And a lot of people are leery of adopting pit bulls.  But here's his picture at the pound, and I can't imagine that any animal that would cry for a human who cared nothing more for them than to dump them like a piece of trash and walk away could be a BAD DOG. Pac was more human than the owners were! He was scared and  awaiting certain death.

Thank GOD for Facebook. One of my friends shared his picture on her page. There were over 4,000 shares of this picture. I shared the picture when I saw it, and guess what? A miracle happened! A woman I know who has several rescue animals happened to see my share! She lived 4 hours from the shelter, and cared enough to make arrangements to get him home to her house. He came home with her yesterday, and look at what a difference ONE DAY makes, with love in his life! She said he had a terrible case of fleas, and what is either the beginning of mange or where he has scratched himself so hard where the fleas were that he's scratched out some of his hair. This morning, she cooked him a mixture of chicken, vegetables and some rice. She said he looked at her as if he wasn't sure he should eat it, with such a look of pure love on his face, and thankfulness...

I just wanted to share this story of a happy ending for this sweet boy, and to say that there are angels who walk among us---I know one personally! 

NOTE FROM CHERYL: Carol and I met through writing stories for Chicken Soup. She runs a private small shelter out of her home, which was the ONLY reason she was allowed to adopt sweet PAC! I don't know all the rules and regulations, but for some reason, he was adoptable for one day only and it had to be by a shelter. The pound where he was was 4 hours from her house, and she had out of town guests staying with her. She PAID someone $150 to bring him to her so she could get him out of there! When he got to her place, she said he was really in bad shape, with a bad cough that can mean heartworms, or maybe kennel cough--she will have to take him to the vet on Monday, but for now is keeping him quarantined from the other dogs she takes care of. The adoptions papers, transport, and shots at the pound, etc. has already cost her close to $500, and she still has the vet to see on Monday about the cough.

If anyone wishes to contribute to PAC's vet visits/medications, it is deeply appreciated! You can send via PayPal at this email addy: 

Carol also rescues horses/donkeys/mules, and has several cats there, too, at her place. She is just an all around good person! This past week two of my friends have really gone the extra mile to rescue animals whose pictures I re-shared on Facebook!

If you have any questions about Carol and her shelter, etc. please do not hesitate to ask. Leave a comment here at Doggy Tales, and I will answer. I know people want to help sometimes and don't know where or how--this is a perfect way to do it. 


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Augie and Ti's mom said...

It's not even 8 am and I'm already crying. What heartless "owners." So happy this sweet baby got rescued!

Hywela Lyn said...

i'm all teared up too.I can't believe how heartless some owners can be = although at least they left Pac at a shelter rather than just dumping him on the road, which is something I suppose, although it looks like it was a close call. Thank goodness for people like Carol. Pac looks like such a sweetheart and so deserves to be loved and cared for. Pit bulls have such a bad press - but from what I understand of the breed they're really just as gentle and loving as any other breed - it's humans who force them to become fighters.

God bless Carol and Pac. I hope his health problems will soon be sorted.

Patricia said...

I'm going to PayPal right now and contributing.
Patricia Yager Delagrange

Sarah J. McNeal said...

If people like PAC's owners can do such a horrible thing to their own dog, one can only wonder what they are capable of doing to a human being.
I am so happy for PAC that he found a forever home and good people who truly love him.
I am glad this story had a happy ending; so many don't. My Golden, Lily, is a rescue. Her previous owners lost their dog and went out and bought a puppy (Lily) to replace it. When she was only 4 months old they decided they just couldn't love her and dumped her at a high kill shelter. (Real nice) Luckily, a volunteer for the Golden Retriever Rescue Club saw her and and, next thing ya know, I adopted her.
I don't get it how some people can be so unfeeling. Great post, Cheryl.

Miss Mae said...

Thanks so much, everyone, and THANK YOU, Patricia!

I just can not imagine this poor dog crying out for his owners to not leave him. My heart is crying, but I am THRILLED for what Carol's done. I wish I were able to do more for all the unloved or neglected animals.

Cheryl Pierson said...

Thanks so much to Miss Mae for posting this story about Pac (Carol says he doesn't respond to that name and she's thinking she'll rename him PIERSON, since I got her into this!)LOL

Thank you, Augie and Ti's mom, for leaving a comment--I know, I don't understand it either, how some people can do these things. I saw one come through on FB the other day who was dumped because he was 18 years old, having trouble getting up and down, and the owner didn't want to spend money on the vet. So sad.

Lyn, I've heard how vicious pit bulls can be, too, but have talked to several people over the past couple of years who LOVE them and say they are such good, sweet dogs. I believe it's the owners who make them turn so many times, as you say. And Carol says that Pac/Pierson is just a sweetheart. He's probably so thrilled to have some attention by someone so loving.

Patricia, bless you! Carol is one of the best people I know, and her shelter is small and unpublicized, of course. So every little bit helps her, and this dog is going to require some expensive treatment if he has heartworms. Thank you so much again!

Sarah, I'm so glad you ended up with Lily! So many times we see these animals that are abandoned and left behind so heartlessly, but the upside of it is, there are those of us who love animals that "find" each other through the internet no matter where we live and are able to "get the word out" so that others can resuce them. And think how LUCKY Lily is to have YOU! I don't know about people.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and caring!